Uniform Exchange - Presented by: The Sports Marketer

Episode 23 - Uniform Exchange - The Reintroduction of Grumpy Hartweg

Episode Summary

1. CFP management committee (playoff expansion) 2. Kroenke, Jones and the rest of the gang, gets subpoenaed. 3. Cole Beasely - Vax Trax 4. WHO'S ON THE BUS!?!? 5. Barstool makin monay! 6. Seattle Kraken selling a ton of merch. 7. Evander Kane – Josh is covering this story. 8. Roman Josi can't draw. 9. Conor McGregor - can't Pitch 10. Portland State's funny coach 11. The Roof is on Fire (Ceasar’s SuperDome) 12. WNBA – names official sporting goods retailer – Dick’s Sporting Goods.